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Services: All dogs are groomed to breed standard or owner requirements. A free consultation service is available to discuss your dog’s groom with visual aids if required.

Grooming services we provide can include:
Bathing, drying, dematting, deshedding treatments, trimming, clipping and styling.
All full grooms include ear and nail care as required.
During grooming we carry out a health check on your pets coat and skin and will give you any information on problems we find.
We can also carry out dental care including non anaesthetic teeth cleaning on request.

 Healthy Coat – removes parasites, dirt and debris. Reduces risk of skin diseases. Aids appearance and circulation, promotes a new coat growth. Reduces licking and scratching – annoying to both you and your dog. Prevents your dog’s coat from getting matted and causing discomfort to your dog.
HE/SHE IS MAN'S BEST FRIEND GROOM HIM/HER BETWEEN VISITS(Ask about the proper tools  to groom your dog at home or our brush out services available between grooms)  
Do you know your dog’s coat type is he/she double coated, smooth coated, silky, woolly, long haired etc.?
Which Trim gives a dog a cuddly look and what breeds does it suit?

Want to know more about your dog’s coat – contact me.
Your Enquiry a Pleasure.


From a wash and blow dry to a full groom every aspect will be dutifully fulfilled by a qualified, professional dog groomer.

Depending on the size of your dog, his/her temperament, coat condition and type appointment times and prices will vary. 
OPENING HOURS : By appointment
Monday,Tuesday,Wednesday, Thursday and Friday-9.30am to 4.30pm
Any appointments wanted prior to or after opening times including a Saturday will be accomodated, please phone to arrange.

All Breed Dog Grooming